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By The Way

Aug 9, 2021

James "Purlie" Wilson, the Strathaven Weaver, was a local leader of the Radical Movement seeking social reform in early 19th century Scotland. He was tried on contrived charges of treason and executed on Glasgow Green on 30 August, 1820. His ghost returns 40 years later to confront a doctor with his own demons.

Jul 27, 2021

Chris Tait is a unique writer, poet and storyteller from the Shetland Isles. Chris tells the story of how Asperger's Syndrome influences her writing and about the journey from her island home to poetry and storytelling performances across Scotland and beyond.

Jun 2, 2021

Jill Korn writes audio drama and I add sound design whiffle dust to make her words 3D. Since our first contact in August 2020, we've made some excellent audio drama through Tweets, emails and Zooms. When we met for the first time in real life we recorded part of our chat about writing, audio drama and sound design....

Mar 11, 2021

The Selkie is a mythical sea creature of Scottish folklore. In the sea a Selkie is a seal, but when they occasionally come onshore they take the form of a beautiful woman. Men should be wary in case they are beguiled and end broken-hearted when a Selkie they meet returns to the sea. I've joined the thousands before me...

Jan 9, 2021

I've collaborated with Jill Korn to produce Galore! an audio drama inspired by the events in Compton Mackenzie's 1947 book, "Whisky Galore" and the film made two years later. The story is inspired by the events in Compton Mackenzie’s 1947 book, “Whisky Galore” and the film, made two years later.